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Let’s talk about Non-sparking Tools. What is new normal?

Grey safety tools

We are all aware that the Covid-19 pandemic had been one of the biggest losses the world had to bear in recent history. However, a silver lining to this pandemic is that people now shall be becoming used to the “new normal”. What is new normal? It would wherein people shall be taking the word “safety” more seriously than before, we shall be doing things which we used to ignore on a daily basis. You will find a hand sanitizer in every bag, the traffic cops shall wear masks on the road while managing traffic, the factory and construction workers shall wear all their gears while Working.

While talking about safety, construction and factory workers are the most vulnerable and susceptible to mishaps and sometimes face temporary or permanent disability or worse. These workers’ lives are at risk all the time, irrespective of all the labour laws in place in our country, when we ignore all the safety measures required to be adhered to by the factory owners. It may happen due to unserviceable machines and/or non adherence to simple safety measures, and mostly due to harmful and dangerous chemicals. Did you know atleast 4 million workers die, every year, due to lack of adherence to safety rules?

We are not strangers to workers going through a lot of accidents, sometimes fatal, due to harmful chemical mishaps. For example, the use of Beryllium in any type of industry has proven to be one of the most dangerous alloys for the workers as well as their family. One can also be exposed to the disease by indirect contact with beryllium.

Beryllium is used as an alloying agent in the production of beryllium copper. Beryllium-copper alloys are thermally conductive and resistant to corrosion, so they are used in the production of electrical contacts, springs, and non-sparking tools. Anyone who works in the production of beryllium itself is at risk. People who work in foundries, machine operators and metal fabricators could be at risk. Welders and workers in the smelting or refining industries could also be at risk. 

Beryllium can cause chronic beryllium disease. This makes you lose weight, it makes you feel very tired and gives you night sweats. It also causes breathing difficulties, feelings of weakness and cough. It can lead to heart disease and enlargement of the heart. It can take years for the symptoms to show themselves. This disease is not curable, but it can be treated. Failure to seek treatment though can be fatal.

Beryllium is also a carcinogen, meaning that it can also cause cancer, particularly lung cancer. Contact with beryllium can cause rashes and ulcers on the skin. If you have a cut or scratch, contact with beryllium is particularly dangerous. OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) issued a final rule to protect workers from beryllium exposure into place.

Therefore, Grey Safety Tools Pvt. Ltd. has come with an innovative alloy Copper Titanium which is used in the manufacturing of non-sparking tools, which is not fatal to the health of the people in contact with the alloy, but also, is cheaper and has better tensile strength than Copper Beryllium.